Fredag, 2. juni 2023 - 20:00
Summer is almost right there and the thing you really need to start it the right way is a hot, sweaty night of blast beats. So we proudly bring you:
From Stockholm, raw, fast, angry and loud powerviolence. After touring Europe and playing with some killer bands, they are visiting Norway for the first time to punish our eardrums. They just dropped their new 7" titled "Burn". You can listen to that right here, and start counting the days left for the show when you're done.
One of the most disgusting sounds to ever grace Oslo. The sonic version of putrescence, a filthy homage to the rawest death metal. If you like Autopsy, you'll enjoy this. If you don't, get some medical assistance.
Powerviolence on the inside, bass and drums on the outside. Contrasting blast beats with sludgy parts, and with the rawest vocal delivery known to mankind, they are delivering a healthy dose of brutality. They dropped a demo recently, but they just recorded a new release, which is in the mixing process, and it's gonna be killer. I should know because I play in the band.
WHEN? Friday 2nd June, 20:00
HOW MUCH? 100 kr. Cash only.
WHERE? Blitz, Pilestredet 30, Oslo

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