Weird Ugly Fish (LT)/ Sheik Anorak (SE)

Lørdag, 20. mai 2023 - 20:00
Blitz welcomes you this beautiful spring to an amazing live performance of three talented musicians
Weird Ugly Fish (LT)
energetic drum passages covered by synthesizer tones and atmospheric drones. listener can hear hints on variety
of styles that forms an undulating whole - the experience based on communication and being in the moment.
weird ugly fish is a drum + electronica duo that loves performing live!
Sheik Anorak (SE)
Sheik Anorak is a solo/ one man band led by Frank Garcia, a French musician now relocated in Göteborg, Sweden.
Sheik Anorak’s music is a wide range of all Frank’s influences – from minimal techno to indie pop, from kraut rock to noise/nowave…
His music is quite hard to categorize. After several EPs and full lengths, Sheik Anorak has developed through the years his own style and sound.
May 20th (Saturday)
Door opens at 20:00
100 kr cash

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