Vuil (Scotland) // Enter Obscurity// Force

Fredag, 24. mars 2017 - 21:00

Prepare for a night of METALPUNK MAYHEM!!!

Vuil from Scotland plays 80s speed metal in a true old school fashion. Founded in 2012, they have released several demos and a split with Abigail (!!!). Prepare to have your face melted!

ENTER OBSCURITY should be familiar to everyone in Oslo with an appreciation for raw and evil thrash metal. Existing since 2013, 3 demos and an EP are already out, and another EP is on the way as soon as they får ut fingeren.

FORCE is a brand-new punk band with members from bands such as Flight, Evoke and Enter Obscurity. They haven't released anything yet, but they are guaranteed to fill you with rock'n'roll rage.

Doors 21:00
CC 100,-

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