Onsdag, 8. mars 2017 - 19:00
Dance and Suspension in 2 parts - 150kr/100kr

Someone said to me once that, “Pain is like a toothache you just have to get used to.” 

No, come back! Move forward:

We all know a false note when we hear one. But the movement and sound of pain is never wrong. It often requires a lot of words to arrive at and realize a specific feeling in order to communicate that feeling to another. How can we learn to heal though listening to movements and notes that are commonly regarded as ugly, inappropriate, awful, embarrassing, imperfect, weak? 
Why do we acknowledge more the art that comes from a place of pain? Is joy ugly on stage? Is joy boring? Is it sadistic of us to want to watch painful stories in film and entertainment? Are we drawn to pain because we are told it is wrong or bad, or because we don’t understand it? Is pain the Pandora’s box of our emotional world?
In our piece Vibrato we are giving pain a light to shine in, giving the performers the opportunity to draw the line somewhere. Through the possibility of being interrupted by a vibrato at any given moment, can we have a conversation? If Pain is given 15 minutes of fame, what will she say? 
Movement and voice seems the most accurate measurement of sensation there is. Perhaps words are merely a vague form of the purest communication of pain and suffering in the body.
If pain has led some of us to make art, then… 

IUSTITIA sprung out of the collective desire for a symbolic deadline of being a victim to pain after sexual trauma. It is also about the desire for relief from prolonged trauma caused by the judicial system’s failure to deliver the rightful attention as promised through social contract. 

VIBRATO is a spin-off of Iustitia – a dance piece about healing from sexual trauma, which premiered November 2016, and is recurring the 24th 25th and 26th of November again this year at Blitz. In Vibrato there's two parts: the first part is a dance piece, the second is a suspension piece, so for the blood and skin-sensitive, there's the option to watch the dance show and skip the suspension after the break. 

(a false) VIBRATO 
- a ritual virgin suspension; in contemplation of Iustitia
(provosert) VIBRATO 
- en rituell første suspension fritt etter Iustitia
A violin dance piece by Vanesssa Black & Ingrid Sørensen

8th of march 
1900 - 2030

Pilestredet 30E

kr 150/100
Cash and card terminal will be available. 

dancer: Ingrid Sørensen
violin: Vanessa Black 
composition: Vanessa Black and Ingrid Sørensen
suspendee: Ingrid Sørensen
Pain Solution: Morten "The Maniac" Narverud

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