Svart Oktober Fest DAY 4

Lørdag, 24. oktober 2015 - 20:00

The ashes from the fire have spoken again, so what else is there to do than invite you all to our second edition of what we believe will be yet another massive celebration of all the supercool stuff lurking around in the dark corners of Europe - welcome to Svart Oktober Fest at Blitz!

Update: the witches brew has come to its boiling point - might be that we sprinkle it with some more stardust here and there, but the booking as a whole is more or less done!

The program will be (more or less) as follows:

Wednesday october 21st:
Doors open 19.00
20.30: Akrasia
21.15: SUMA

Thursday october 22nd:
Doors open 19.00
20.30: Alwanzatar
21.15: Kosmos Brenner 
22.15: Dromedar

Friday october 23rd:
Doors open 19.00
21.00: James Welburn
23.00: Morbid Evils
00.00: Toner Low

Saturday october 24th:
Doors open 19.00
Ashtoreth: 20.00
Captain Popaptain: 21.00
Yetzer Hara: 22.00
Talbot: 23.00
Serpent Omega: 00.00

Wednesday: 150kr.
Thursday: 100kr.
Friday/saturday: 200kr.
Festival pass: 500kr. 

Tickets will be sold in advance at Platebutikken Tiger (Fysisk Format & Diger) and in the infoshop at Blitz - we will keep you updated regarding this. 

Doors open 19.00 every day.

Easy vegetarian food will be served, atleast friday and saturday;)

Welcome to the darkness!

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