Rixe (Fr) / Problems / Terrorstat

Fredag, 28. oktober 2016 - 21:00
Terrorstat release party

For the first time in Oslo, Paris' originals RIXE are conquering the world with their simple, hard hitting Oi, and they're bringing their shit all around the world, coming fresh off from an extensive US tour as well as several of the sickest festivals in europe this fall.

PROBLEMS just came back from a 4 year hiatus with a brand new killer LP and have been doing nothing but sick gigs ever since, their furious, hard hitting hardcore is the stuff that topples mountains and is gonna take every single one of us with them when they go.
Also casually sporting members from Death Is Not Glamorous, Okkultokrati, Common Cause, Urbanoia and Blood Suckers, this super crew is the coolest band ot of Oslo in a long, long time

Blitz locals TERRORSTAT have been blasting their fast, semi melodical, typical norwegian hardcore for some time now and have finally gotten their shit together to follow up their 2014 demo tape with a 6 track self titulated 7" EP, that's being released on this gig

+ possibly one more TBA and maybe a special surprise

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