Oslo Black Shackle Support. DJ Brozer, Digital Warefare, Dromedar, Øgli Grrlz DJ Kru

Lørdag, 13. januar 2018 - 20:00
Oslo Black Shackle Support Consert

Oslo Black Shackle arrangerer support konsert på Blitz for og samle inn penger til deres Sulidarity fund.

Det blir konsert med DJ Brozer (France), Digital Warefare (Serbia), samt Dromedar og Øgli Grrlz DJ Kru (Oslo).

Starter kl.20:00 med info/foredrag om Black Shackle

Solidarity fund

Fatigue, lack of focus, mistakes or just bad luck can cause injuries. We
are exposed to many elements of risk in the stagebuilding industry, and
accidents do happen.

Being a freelancer or a worker without contract leaves people in a
vulnerable situation if injured and unable to work. In OsloKru one get paid
for the shifts already confirmed, but after that workers stand without
income. Freelancers are not entitled to sickness benefits from NAV until 16
calendar days after an occupational disability. This waiting time can for
many be long and difficult.

The Solidarity fund has been created as a solution to cover workers during
this period

At the last accident of one of our colleagues, we decided to help her
during this difficult period with small financial support. We would like to
make this a systematic help for all Oslo Black Shackle members via the
Solidarity fund.

We invite you to join Oslo Black Shackle and get involved in support of our
The idea is to raise the money for the fund by a collective contribution of
us workers. We suggest a fixed contribution fee of 50 NOK per working
month. One can pay from 1 to 12 months, which means 50 to 600 NOK/year,
depending on how many months one works in Norway per year. This
contribution can be paid at any moment during the year directly to the bank
account of Oslo Black Shackle.

The account number: 1254.06.04419

For any further information do not hesitate to contact us on

Thank you for your solidarity


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