Noise-Ambient HipHop mandag

Mandag, 20. april 2015 - 20:00

Velkommen til en mørk og hissig mandagskonsert som kommer til å sette spor i veggene på Blitz!

Vi sakser rett fra pressemeldinga til Europa-turnerende FUJAKO.


The international duo of Fujako (pt-be-usa / Ångström / Wordsound) returns to Angstrom Records with Soul Buzz, a short but intense six-track salvo of earth shaking, gritty electronic music featuring DC’s Black Saturn.

Uniting over a love of echo, bass and space, Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, from Portugal, and Nicolas Esterle, from Belgium via France, came together to form Fujako with a desire to make music of “unlooped hip hop and telluric dub from the geological strata.” Exiling themselves to a remote mountainous area of central Portugal, Fujako re-emerged in 2008 with a debut album Landform (Wordsound Digital, Ångström Records) that crystallised their intent with a righteous sound and fury.

Since then, they have released Soul Buzz in August 2014, Exobell in November 2014 and will release a new LP in spring 2015. All their records and live performances continue their lifelong dedication to sonic alchemy with thundering bass, cavernous spaces and beat up rhythms combining to speak a mighty dub into the listener’s bones.


Born in 1974 , Aymeric de Tapol is first an artist and became musician , composer, Sound­Engineer, for film art Video, documentary, radio Création .He lives in Brussels. He plays in the noise band " ZOHO .he currently work with other experimental project and in psychiatrique hospital

" Talking with a Dinosaur " Lp was released by Angstrôm record in 2011, a record on the primary archeology of the legendary and unique synthesizer " coupigny " at GRM in Paris.

"Meridians" , is a field recording cassette dictaphone recorded during a trip in Sénégal, Mali in 1999 and Turkey in 2012, released by the Belgian label Tanuki.

Then in 2014 "Winter dance" released on the Belgian record label VLEK , tape drone album and repetitive melodic music and works Tape.


Dirty, noisy space-hiphop - de har spilt på Blitz en gang før til stor glede publikum og arrangører: vi tenker at om noe som helst av lokale innslag skal kunne passe til denne kvelden så må det være disse gutta!

Så velkommen skal du være til en høylydt, basstung og bråkete hiphopdubnoisekveld på Blitz mandag 20. April!

80kr. i døra - 20.00

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