Fredag, 16. desember 2022 - 19:00

NO ESCAPE is happy to invite you to a concert of Polish and Norwegian artists to Blitz on December 16th! The artist who will play that evening are: Ingrid Frivold, Cudowne Lata, Klipsy Panda.

There will also be a screening of the film «Ingrid» made by Joanna Olichwer & Justyna Stokowiec under the supervision of Konrad Śniady during the We Do Festival.

The event supports organization Masz Nosa which is helping out abandoned animals in central Poland. We will sell some merch from the shelter og raise funding, so come and support!

FRVLDZ (NO) Frvldz takes you into journeys of sounds with Ingrid Frivold as a guide. Frivold performe with the norwegian award-winningband Beglomeg, and former member of Frank Znort Quartet, and performed with a number of different artists and bands. After adding computer to the live settings and then some time in colabora\ative projects like Mimir and SinCis, a series of weekly impros at Khartoum International Arts Centre in Oslo spring 2019. At the same time she started also doing solo-appearances and have sincee been doing solo-appearances and been part of festivals both in Norway and beyond. During 2020 she released the album «blitz191119» on the label «Olivias Rekorder» and appearing on a compilations for Hærverk Records as well as a colaboration with Snorre Magner Solberg (CLUB NO-NO) and Thomas Thomsen. Performed on videos for Kunstnerforbundet and Femme Fatale. As Oslo re-opened she's played a number of concerts in Oslo as well as for the activists at Repparfjorden and the Vill Vill Vest-festival in Bergen.


CUDOWNE LATA (PL) Cudowne Lata (aka the Wonder Years) are singer and composer Ania Włodarczyk and Beirut-raised guitarist Amina Dargham, a Warsaw/Cracow duo on stage and in life. The band formed in July 2018. In the autumn of the same year, Cudowne Lata self-released their demo EP. In 2019 their debut album “Kółko i Krzyżyk” was released. Cudowne Lata’s debut is a nostalgic story about the 1980s and 1990s in Poland – at times extending a carefree invitation to dance, at times unsettling or swiftly moving to warm ballads. A solid and moving pop record, filtered by the personal experience and musical fascinations of both artists. Cudowne Lata have played a lot of concerts in clubs all over Poland, also in cooperation with Girls* to the Front feminist queer collective based in Warsaw. They performed at Off Festival 2019 in Katowice, and at Pohoda Festival in Trencin/Slovakia in the summer of 2021.Currently they have been working on a new album for a year. While composing they began exploring Arabic music, sounds and melodies trying to incorporate them to their new songs. Meanwhile the idea of a radio show was born. In October 2021 they started running a monthly program “Ya Habibte” on Polish community Radio Kapitał. The show is a selection of retro Arabic songs from South-West Asia and North Africa, but also modern experimental electronica created by Arab diaspora and people of Arab heritage. During the show Amina and Ania also track musical curiosities, social backgrounds and queer threads, and look back to Amina’s memories to better understand her Lebanese roots. Cudowne Lata have been always out and proud couple and music band - they want to give people positive emotions through their music, and support LGBTQ + community also by increasing visibility of queer artists on the music scene.

FB:\ ig: @cudowne_latacudowne_lata

KLIPSY PANDA (PL) Duo from Warsaw. Their journey started in 2013 and very soon they playd first concert based on original material („Miłość, Pokój, Klipsy, Panda”). Their next production was vinyl with Sue Ryder, than limited edition of cassetes. In 2017 they released cover album based mostly on unknown polish hits from 80’s. In 2019 new material „Blask”- 10 songs on CD. One of the songs appeared in theatre play about anorexy (2014)Second in movie „Magdalena” (history about lesbian Dj in Poland) (2021). They play mostly on squots and support events for woman rights and LGBTQ+ community in Poland. Also they support democratic football team AKS ZŁY in their city.

Facebook: WWW:

INGRID Short-film om Ingrid Frivold / Frvldz by Joanna Olichwer & Justyna Stokowiec. The film was made during the WE DO Festival, Oslo 2021.


START:  19:00 BLITZ doors from: 18:00 This event is made with the financial support from Oslo Kommune and Norsk Kulturrådet.

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