No Borders No Nations - Supportparty for Yallah squat, France/Italy.

Fredag, 21. oktober 2022 - 20:00
No Borders No Nations - Supportparty for Yallah squat,
Hayeminol joins the party! These kids are here to show us grownups how punk is played.
Roastfish & Cornbread Soundsystem will bring all their stuff to play us som sweet and loud roots and dub tunes - put on your dancing shoes! We're looking for a band or two to fill up the evening.
The Yallah is a squat occupied since June 2022 at the french-italian border, in Cesana torinese.
This occupation took place to fight against Fortress Europe, to support and shelter those who are crossing the alpine border and are often illegally pushed-back, and to offer a safe space, far from humanitarian and police collaborating institutions.
Since 2015 and even more since this occupation, authorities have shown their will to wipe out the dynamics built since; further than police harassment (regular patrols, police controls, evictions of previous squats), the french and italian governments are trying to make false accusations of "human trafficking", "gang criminality", and other similar heavy allegations.
But Solidarity is not a crime!
While the tourist season is ending and the number of witnesses is lessening, many events of the past days have shown that an eviction might happen soon, and if so, the repression will as usual first target the less privileged, especially those who don't have the "good" papers.
One again, for the European states, the declaration of human rights is only ment for "eu-citizens" - or what seems to be their own redefinition of human rights, which they don't even comply with.
We will not let happen the careless and lasting reality of this situation.
You can also support us from far - as example through organising fundraising events in your squats and collective spaces, forwarding eviction infos and spreading awareness about the topic, getting active yourself.
The struggle against fortress Europe is beyond borders!
100 kr or more in the door.

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