Night Birds (USA) / Mob 47 (Sweden) / Terrorstat (Blitz) / Pay To Breathe (Oslo)

Lørdag, 16. april 2016 - 21:00
Doors 21:00, first band (Pay To Breathe) 21:30 sharp

Doors at 9pm, 100 spenn
9:30 sharp Pay To Breathe
10:30 ish Terrorstat
11:30 senest Mob 47 
12.30 Night Birds...

NIGHT BIRDS are on tour and we're very honored to have them play at Blitz. It's a modern punk band (read contamporary) but they sound like they are coming right from the heydays of California HC. I don't recall reading one bad review of their latest album "Mutiny at Muscle Beach" who came out in 2015..listen to it:
...and apparently they are kicking ass live, from
"I often ponder why Night Birds, who, to be fair, are heavily influenced by the classic punkers, sound so fresh. Seeing the band live answers that question. Night Birds don’t seem to be trying to “recreate” anything. On stage, they just seem to be letting loose what’s really inside. Whatever that ancient energy is, I’m glad it manifests on stage because I like my intestines and teeth right where they are. 
If you get the chance, see this band."

The legendary MOB 47 will be joining this concert for our ultimate pleasure...they've been kicking ass since 1981. I dont even know what to write cause for me they mean so much that I'm afraid to sound cheezy....they started something that just couldn't be stopped and could never be matched...the influence they had is enormous...

Terrorstat should need no introduction for punkrockenthusiasts - this is fast and furious inyourface hardcore straight from the basement of Blitz!

Pay To Breathe is the last addition to this concert. The band is about as old as this event, they played their first concert ever about a week ago together with the local punkrockers in DØMT and they KICKED ASS! No grumpy punkrocker will be able to stand still to the charming tunes of Pay To Breathe - it is our pleasure to welcome them to their second concert ever!
They hardly exist on the internet, but might be a video from the DØMT concert will be uploaded in the near future.

About this concert "This is Christmas Eve in the middle of April"...NB: I will try to find the exact quote...cause it really made me smile.

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