Neverending Winter (Tomsk, Sibir), Dødsdømt (Vestfold), Svartepeeng (Oslo)

Lørdag, 10. februar 2018 - 21:00
HC, Punk, Dbeat, Metal

Neverending Winter

The band was formed in winter of 2010 after disbanding of local punk/hardcore act "Louder than words". Within first few years we were trying to find out our unique Siberian sound by mixing punky riffs with different varieties of both metal and folk/ethnic music.
Band is active one.Last few tours were over Russia,Scandinavia and China.


Dødsdømt is a band from Horten, playing HC since the late 80't. Good Norwegian HC as we like it!

Svarte Peeng
hardcore punk band from Oslo, Norway

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