Metal Punk night!

Tirsdag, 19. mai 2015 - 20:00
Ahna are a 2 piece from Vancouver, Canada. They play blackened death crust, it's raw, grim, heavy and I have a feeling it's going to be loud! 
Here's a review I found about their last album: 

If you are a person who is intimidated by the plethora of heavy subgenres of music, or just sick of seeing “blackened this” or “whatever core,” let me introduce you to a band who is comfortable and competent in bridging all of them. AHNA catalog is complex, and always expanding and reinventing their sound; from the earliest releases, which saw the two core members (Anju and Graham) on bass and violin, playing minimalist drone, through seven years of noise, death metal, black metal, and crust. The new Perpetual Warfare EP is purely a stenchcore record. As far as sub-subgenres are concerned this is the one for me, combining metal and hardcore punk, and taking it to new depths of filth. Imagine Axegrinder and Mayhem playing a show together in the late ’80s, and that is just a taste of what you can expect on the new AHNA EP. Perpetual Warfare is at the same time a nod to the greats, and a fresh take on the genre from one of Canada’s busiest, most creative, and boundary pushing bands. Every track is a standout, so listen to it over and over, then go see them live because they seem to never stop touring.

...and they are playing with nonetheless Jenkem Warriors! Jenkem Warriors is old school hardcore punk, goosebombs and flashback exactly the same way that when you saw Dirt live for the first time. 2 singers is top, a guy and a girl is over the top, and the energy they bring on stage is over the moon.
Strukturell Vold just got added to the line-up, last minute!

80kr - doors at 8pm


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