Hellshock // Swordwielder // Goat Vomit // Akrasia

Torsdag, 3. august 2017 - 20:00
120kr, doors at 20:00, first band 20:30 sharp

HELLSHOCK are from Portland, formed in 2000, they play a dark crust (metal) and are a totally smashing live band. This is for metalheads and punk alike, if you like Bolt Thrower and let's say it loud: «stenchcore» then you have no choice than to be at that show (or at least see them somewhere else). Not that they sound like Bolt Thrower, but they defenitely have some -heavy- metal influences, guitar solos are the proof ;)...Members of From Ashes Rises, Detestation, Mörkhimmel, Atrocious Madness, Defiance, Burning Leather, Guided Craddle and many many more (a bit too much to keep track of them all).

Here is all you need to get you an idea on how good they are, in no running order, everything's good!! :)



Very pleased to announce that SWORDWIELDER is joining the madness! Not often we've got some stenchcore bands coming over here, so might as well make the best out of it and go for the full package.. Swordwielder are just the right band for this. 

CATCHY and dark as fuck crust/stench, with super nice leads, Metal like only punks can play ;) 
Their album is just amazing. Listen, and enjoy:

GOAT VOMIT are from Liege in Belgium and are on tour they play a good mix of crust, death metal and grind..heavy as fuck. 


AKRASIA are playing as well and they (finally♥) got their recording on bandcamp...check it out: