GBH // Knuste Ruter // The Ødeleggers // Bauges Barn

Lørdag, 18. mars 2017 - 19:00
150kr, 100kr for under 20

GBH is doing a one off in Oslo for the pleasure of old and young and anything in between, skinheads, PC punks, punks, hardcore kids, metalheads...and the rest. 
They started in 1979 and it's almost the original line-up to date, they have recorded 11 kick ass and solid as fuck albums, toured all over the world and never sold out, and they have influenced a whole generation (and more to come) of punk and metal bands with their high-speed, catchy, fierce punk rock...cant get any better.

This is our roots, and to make this even better we're getting some of the best of Norwegian punk/hardcore bands to set up the mood for the night..

KNUSTE RUTER plays melodic punk HC, an hommage to classic Norwegian hardcore from the 80's, you get guitar hooks and solos, backing vocals and political and more personal lyrics. 
Self recorded at the famous Endless Tinnitus Studio in Oslo, dedication and passion! No need for more :)

THE ØDELEGGERS plays punk hardcore, it's melodic, fast and super catchy....the lyrics are bombarded in Norwegian, titles like «Gentrifisering» «Krigindustri» «Atomtivoli» get us in the mood for some quite pissed off hardcore.

BAUGES BARN (called Spyrunka before) are playing punk, it's catchy, fast, melodic and sing along material (if you know Norwegian that is)

Doors at 19:00
Show starts at 20:00 sharp
Tickets on presale (more information coming soon)
150kr / 100kr for under 20 years old