Film og foredrag: Special Exploitation Zones (2013, Polen)

Onsdag, 19. juni 2013 - 18:00

"Special Exploitation Zones", Szum TV/Think Tank Feministyczny 2013, Poland


In summer of 2012, the factory Chung Hong Electronics located in one
of the Polish Special Economic Zones near Wrocław, became arena of a
collective dispute and a regular strike action. The factory is a
Chinese subcontractor of LG Electronic, producing TV boards. Workers
having number of demands refused to stand by machines for dozen of
days. As a reaction, the employer sacked 24 of them. Such serious
lockout had never took place in Poland since the capitalist
transformation of 1989.

The film basing on the interviews with workers explains why they
decided to go on strike. Workers tell how the high unemployment in the
region forced them to commute to the factories hundreds of kilometres
away. They explain working conditions in the factory, harsh discipline
on the production line, their exhaustion and how they try to survive
earning the minimal wage. As workforce is highly feminized - women
explain how they manoeuvre the production and reproduction work they
are expected to do at their households.

After the film screening a worker activists from Poland, members of the
Workers' Initiative who supported the workers will report on the
development of the strike action. We want to discuss current conditionof
workers' movement and share experiences from struggles in order to
extend our common knowledge about areas of  exploitation and resistance. 

More general questions about workers' movement, Workers' Initiative
and recent situation in Poland are also welcome.

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