Fatum (RU) // Tanator (RU) // Nervevrak (NO)

Torsdag, 7. september 2017 - 20:00
Blitz Booking presenterer

FATUM are from Moscow and started in 2010, with releases almost every year including a split with DISTRESS and another one with CANCER SPREADING. Their sound is very similar to the early UK stenchcore/crust scene yet a tiny bit more melodic....actually it's pretty much a riff machine. So get ready, and see you in the pit, headbanging -of course- on the 7th!
Here's there bandcamp page, check them out it's amazing!

TANATOR are on tour with them, hailing from Saint Petersburg, they released their first album in 2014 (on tape, please) and have a new one out (2017). You could call this black thrash, for me this is just pure old school dirty thrash metal. Neighbours warning: it's gonna be loud! (No shit)

NERVEVRAK are opening this gig, a good doze of punk HC is going to be needed and if you haven't seen them already there is your chance! Super energetic US influenced HC punk! It's their first show at Blitz, and they recorded at Blitz Studio last week
..if we're lucky enough maybe a demo will be out by then?

See you soon!

Doors at 20:00
First band at 20:30
100 kr (touring bands from Russia)

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