Fan Zui Xiang Fa hc punk(china), Bad Nerve(Umea), Riots(Oslo)

Mandag, 22. september 2014 - 20:00
Fan Zui Xiang Fa hcpunk(china), Bad Nerve(Umea), Riots(Oslo)

"Fanzui Xiangfa is a hardcore-punk band from Beijing, China. Formed in 2006, they came together with a common desire to do something in a scene where 'do nothing' has become an ever present mantra. The members, all deeply involved in China’s music scene, are sick of the apathy and despair so present around them and instead believe in empowering people to take control of their own lives and to actively create the world they dream of. Fanzui Xiangfa relentlessly embodies the DIY ethic in a roar of hardcore-punk.”

Bad Nerve

Bad Nerve is a new and upcoming hardcore punk trio from Umeå, Sweden. They started in the late fall of 2012 and inspired by 80ies American hardcore they play fast and energetic political hardcore with a mixture of noisy punk, like Bad Brains and Sonic Youth had a bastard child together. The members are all active in the Umeå punk scene and have played in such bands as Confessions(USA), DS-13 and En Bortkastad Ungdom. 
2014 is going to be a busy year from Bad Nerve with a few upcoming releases, new recording sessions, many shows and festivals in Sweden and a tour together with Fanzui Xiangfa in the fall.
Our friends from Oslo :-)
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