Deathrock / Dark Crust night: Horror Vacui - Akrasia - Batboner

Torsdag, 3. september 2015 - 21:00

HORROR VACUI is a DIY deathrock/postpunk band from Bologna, Italia. They are right up there with all the goth/post punk bands from the 80's and 90's like Christian Death and Sisters Of Mercy to name a few... «Return Of The Empire» is their last album, the whole thing is gorgeous from the songs to the production! The vocals are really good (which is not easy), super catchy guitar riffs and the drums are just excellent. If you ever liked goth/postpunk/deathrock then you should defenitely check them out, they are totally worth it! I promess you'll get hooked! They also kill it live so come to Blitz and let's have a huge dance party! Horror Vacui are going to blow you away. Guaranteed.

Here's what Cvlt Nation has to write about it:

AKRASIA is a fresh band from oslo with a blackened metal / crust sound. 
it's catchy, it's loud, it's heavy. But here you're not getting just old Amebix and the likes, it's a bit more complex with hints of Killing Joke and quite a dose of (black) metal thanks to the vocals.
All stars band with members from Dishonorable Discharge, Morbo, Tiresia Raptus, and Terrorstat with a naughty tad synthesizer.

No bandcamp, youtube, facebook as of now. So you just have to come and check it by yourself. 

BATBONER is a deathrock band from Oslo that just had to be on that gig, not quite sure how many deathrock/goth bands we have in town. But that was defenitely the concert for them to play :)

In Darkness There's No Choice, we'll see you all the 3 of September at Blitz. Doors open at 9pm. 80kr. Leave your bullshit attitude at home or lose it on the way.

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