Deathraid - Disårder

Tirsdag, 29. september 2015 - 21:00

We are VERY pleased to announced that Deathraid will be playing at Blitz! And we cannot stressed how much we are looking forward to this. For those of you who don't know Deathraid, it's a band from Seattle, featuring ex-members of State Of Fear, Consume, Decrepit and nontheless DISRUPT! 
So you know what to expect...and yes you're right: this is going to kick some serious ass.
If you never got the chance to see Disrupt live, well, you cannot get closer than this...

The mighty Disårder will be opening for Deathraid. We all know how fun that night is going to be :)

Do I need to say more? 

Here's the full album from youtube, just listen to it...seriously:

Here's the review taking from Blabbermouth:

"To crust or not to crust; that is the question. On "All Life Ends" DEATHRAID answers that question in terms that are so definitive it's ridiculous. We're talking D-beat, DISCHARGE, and a mouth full of blood and broken teeth definitive. The words "raw" and "infected" also come to mind.

Featuring ex-members of DISRUPT, STATE OF FEAR, CONSUME, and DECREPIT, the Seattle rabble's sophomore album represents the true and the blue of D-beaten crust punk. It doesn't break down any doors, metaphorically speaking (literally speaking, that's a different story), and it also couldn't be a more merciless example of the virus's lethality. Killer tone, scalding riffs ("Lay Down The Law" is monstrous), venom-spat vocals, and those gloriously driving rhythms go along with songwriting that is all about the kill shot, yet alters trajectory enough to stave off track-blur. One of the better examples — and a standout track — is "Citizen Scapegoat", which is as much Bronze-era MOTÖRHEAD as it is crust punk, particularly that Fast Eddie Clarke tone/style. Then again, punk and early MOTÖRHEAD were anything but strange bed fellows. But mostly "All Life Ends" is about killing, killing again, and leaving a crust flecked corpse.

Perhaps the best news is that you can obtain these 14 tracks at the bargain basement price of pay-what-you-want from Moshpit Tragedy ( Oh sure, you can download it for free, but steer clear of d-baggery and make at least a small donation, as I did. Or you can purchase the vinyl LP from Agipunk Records, assuming it's not sold out; I haven't checked. In either case, you'll find "All Life Ends" to be a tough little bugger that'll loosen the wax in your ears and smack the smile off your face. You can't fake this stuff.

Read more at"

More bands to be announced soon, stay tuned!

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