CRUDE SS (Sverige) / Enter Obscurity/The Mansters/Bauges Barn

Lørdag, 6. februar 2016 - 21:00
80kr - 9pm doors - 9:30pm first band


CRUDE SS are coming to Oslo and that's kind of unreal, at least it feels like it. I heard they were playing again last summer and I was ready to travel a LOOOONG way to see them! I think it's cool that old bands starts playing again, at least we get a chance to see them.
They started in 1980, classic Swedish D-beat, they influenced so many and keep on doing so, and the goosebombs are still there when I listen to this for example:

Did I say that this is incredible?

THE MANSTERS will be joining the bill, I haven't seen them but they played at the second benefit concert we booked in December and EVERYBODY I talked to said they were here we go. Hardcore punk at it's best:

ENTER OBSCURITY played also a benefit concert last time they playe at Blitz, a double benefit it was..and it was totally normal to ask them to play..cause they rule, it's metal alright, but the punk doze is actually quite high! Metal Punk Death Squad!

BAUGES BARN (Ex spyronka) local baugepunks from and around oslo let's do it!
The only available music we could manage digging up off the internet was this and several obscure livevideos on youtube, all with their old name.

80kr-doors at 9pm, first band at 9:30pm SHARP.

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