Creem (can) + Nuclear Spring (us) + Dark Times (oslo)

Onsdag, 19. juni 2013 - 20:00


NYC hard punk - formed in 2011, five habitually under-employed friends living in the same dilapidated concrete compound in Brooklyn decided to start writing songs together. Infusing their beloved American hardcore with a smattering of punk virility from over the years, Creem is hard punk for hard punk fans. Trend following, starry-eyed zombies need take no interest. 12" EP available on Deranged/Katorga Works. New 7" available on Static Shock.


Formed in 2012 Nuclear Spring play brooding punk music heavily indebted to UK 77-82, Dangerhouse, and French oi! Male/female vocals, melodic guitars and a social outlook define this band. New 12" EP available on Hysteria Records. New 7" available in Europe from Cut The Cord That..., Hardware and Doomtown Records.


Dark Times springs from the elusive Black Hole Crew (Haust, Okkultokrati and more), and has – with only a 7″ and a demo cassette – achieved a high standing in the Oslo Underground. The band has been hailed by NME and Brooklyn Vegan and is the first Norwegian band ever to be profiled in the American punk-rock bible Maximum Rocknroll.


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