Convulsions + TÆL @ Blitz, Oslo

Fredag, 9. desember 2022 - 18:00

CONVULSIONS Raw grindcore from the very south of Spain. After a few EPs and split 7"s, they are ready to release their first full-length LP sooner than later, which they will present some songs off. First show in Norway, expect blast beats, relentless riffs, and incomprehensible Spanish blabbering for lyrics.

Listen here:

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TÆL (Debut show!) Bass-only powerviolence, first a really fast riff, then a painfully slow one, start and stop, rinse and repeat. Who needs guitars. With members of Convulsions and Avgrundsljud, this will be their very first show, don't be too harsh on them!

Listen here: nowhere!

Where? The legendary Blitz, Pilestredet 30

When? Friday 9th of December, 18:00

How much? 100kr at the door, remember, cash is king!

Why? Loud bands, nice people EARLY SHOW WARNING! There is another show happening at the house starting after this one, so we need to play as fast, rough and bad as possible. In order for everything to work properly we need to start and end on time, so be there! Remember, it's two grind bands, if you're 10 minutes late you probably already missed one of them. Once we're done you have the whole evening to enjoy, isn't that lovely? Start the weekend afterwork with a healthy does of blast beats

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