Carlton Melton (US) + White Manna (US) + Dromedar

Fredag, 4. oktober 2013 - 21:00

Oslo Beikmørke goes to outer space! Pønkrock, visesang, dubstep, sludgedoom, krautrock, svartmetall - det er på tide å utvide scena på Blitz med rein og skjær psykedelia!

Dromedar er plussa på plakaten - what to say? Kveldens onde lillesøster! Psykedelisk noia-punk med en vokalist fra en annen planet. En fullblodsoppvarmer for kvelden - sjekk det ut under!

Carlton Melton og White Manna er to band fra statene, som legger ut på veiene i Europa til høsten. 4. oktober gjester de Oslo og Blitz. I henhold til musikken kommer de mest sannsynlig flyvende på en rosa sky, og de kommer til å sørge for at det regner blomster under konserten. Vi lar pressemeldingen tale for seg:

Featuring former Zen Guerilla members, Andy Duvall and Rich Millman alongside Brian McDougall and John Steuernagel, Carlton Melton conjure colossal riff laden dronescapes and parched psychedelically enhanced spacerock, creating a mind altering magick carpet ride down the Californian highway. Loud and uncompromising yet with a delicate, pastoral San Franciscan psych blowing like the wind through their almost freeform spaced noise jam, the band count Bardo Pond, J. Mascis, White Hills and Wooden Shjips amongst their biggest fans... 

“intense, sweet, headnodding psych” 

“this is a beautiful, haunting and epic piece of art.” Sonic Abuse 

“the whole trip really digging deep into your third eye.” Rough Trade Shops 

The San Franciscan four-piece Carlton Melton release Country Ways (Agitated), a new jam of gargantuan proportions. 

White Manna focus on mantric riffs that accelerate into speed-freak, headbanging frenzies that make you feel indestructible. Adopting classic trad-psych arrangements with the speaker melting guitar production of today, White Manna don’t hide behind walls of synthesizers, throwing stones; instead they meet you head-on with a big fuck-off axe - “you want some?” they snarl, drummer and bassist on the wings – the pretenders shy away - and the Manna continue onwards, leaving everyone shaking in their boots.

Since their eponymous 2012 debut album on the iconic Holy Mountain label the band’s reputation has travelled far and wide with this Arcata, California quartet gigging relentlessly up and down the West Coast. 2013 sees their first trip to Europe and expectation is almost as heavy as their monolithic riffs.

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