Blitzfest 2013

Fredag, 20. september 2013 - 19:00

Band, DJ's, workshops, distros & more

Friday 20th

21.00:Subutexas (oslo)
21.45:Freedumb (no)
22.30:Przestań pić (pl)
23.15:Nitty Gritty (dk)
00.15:Super Girls & Romantic Boys (pl)

Saturday 21st

21:00:Higgs Boson (oslo)
21:45:Fang (us)
22:30::Ankylym (rus)
23:15:Vicious Irene (se)
00.15:Night Fever (dk)

Doors open 19.00 both days
60-100kr, pay what you can

No smoking in the concert room, only in the cafe.
Please respect this.




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