Blitz Bursdag 35 Dag 1

Fredag, 28. april 2017 - 19:00
Blitz 35års Bursdag Dag 1

Pochwalone is coming all the way from Warsaw to play their feminist punk folk and make us dance!
From their facebook page «About women's concerns and what afflicts them. Community experiences, rebellion through generations, powers, infirmities, plucking feathers, clubs and frolic. New meanings at the intersections.
Besoms, feminists, mothers and singles, chicks and witches, a maid from a forest, a hoarse cuckoo - the ones from the nineteenth century village, the ones from concrete estates - together! They should be praised!»

Zero Talent is a six-piece punk,ska band from France. They are a live band with steady rhythm and brass section which brings power and joy. Touring since 1998, and first time in Oslo.


Linda Lazer is a music and performance artist currently based in Outer Space. On this special night she will be channeling ancient truths from the void through performance and music. With afrofuturism and sci-fi thematics, she shapes an otherworldly vision of our very worldly desires and flaws.

Wrakangst HC/crust/metal from Uffa -Trondheim


Twisted Trashbag punk/ska from the Blitz basment

Båndtvang punk/noise from the Blitz basment

Pain Solution is a power packed rollercoaster of breathtaking entertainment, taking the audience on a ride through beautiful and bizarre sideshow acts. Pain Solution pushes the limits of body and mind, making every performance a visual experience of brutal aesthetics and extreme body control.



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