Blitz Bursdag 35 Dag 3

Søndag, 30. april 2017 - 18:00
Blitz 35års bursdag Dag 3

Død Oter akustisk punk fra RadioRakel, Rune og Harald.

Terrorstat Norwegian HC

Ebolaids punk rock / hc from Oslo

Intetskjønn queercore punk from Oslo

Golden Core should need no big introduction - they got well earned attention as warmup-act for Napalm Death last year in Oslo, they have already played 4 times at Blitz to astounded audiences, they do their riff-driven stonermetal better than most grown-ups, AND (don't tell him!!) the drummer and the oldest of the two celebrates his 15th birthday april 30th. What an awesome birthdayparty he will have, and what an awesome time you will have enjoying these two kids doing what they enjoy the most ;) Big stage this time!

Hysj! With their roots in Oslo’s hardcore scene, Hysj finds their place in the intersection of beat based electronic music, noise, and hip-hop. Inspired by hedonism, cold nordic winters, and urban decay, the duo form a pressing atmosphere, with driving and danceable instrumentals hitting the listeners where it hurts.

Avskum started in 1982 in Kristineham, needless to say there are one of the pioneers of this beloved Swedish d-takt sound ♥
Here's a live at Blitz in 1985 for you enjoyment :)
It's gonna be interessant to listen to the live recording from 2017 :)

Bøyen Beng Pønkeband fra Oslo og miljøet rundt Blitz, startet i 1987. For pønkeinspirerte band på andre halvdel av 80-tallet var uttrykksformen stort sett hardcore, men Bøyen Beng brøt noe med dette; mindre aggressivt, med allsangvennlige og politiske, norske tekster. Med fele som sentralt instrument lå merkelapper som «visepønk» og «etnopønk» nær.

Sliten  punk-band from Blitz basment.


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