Billy No Mates + Danger!Man + Dishonorable Discharge

Fredag, 16. september 2011 - 21:00

Dishonorable Discharge

This band have members that have given punk a bad name since mid 90`s
With their signature lakris D-beat and the screams from Molde this is a killer combo! Absolute somethign that will kick ass!



This band is a good combination from the verry best bands that existed in Norway the late mid 80´s to mid 90´s and a young fella on the vocals..
Melodic hard hitting punk delivered from Oslo Øst!

Billy No Mates (UK)

Puhhh.. And where to begin?? 
This is one of the best melodic punk bands ever, Duncan Redmonds from SNUFF, Guns´n´wankers ++++ have visited blitz several times during the 90´s And we are verry happy to have them overe here so you can dance sing and fucking cheerio!

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