Biipiigwan (Canada) / Ravage Ritual (Finland)

Lørdag, 11. oktober 2014 - 20:00

Blitz kliner til med en superheftig crossover-kveld - to sinnsykt heftige band fra hver sin side av kloden, so to speak. BIIPIIGWAN, som navnet tilsier, er hissig, tungt og med et snev av uforståelighet. Stonerdoommetall with a touch of neurosis and slayer;)

 Ravage Ritual - inyourface hardcore fra de finske skoger, slik bare finnene kan det:) Ryktes å kicke ass live - vi kan bare si at vi gleder oss!!

 Så skriv opp datoen i din mentale almanakk, for det her blir nemlig tungt som et fjell og tøffere enn toget;)

Vi kommer muligens med et lokalt band til - følg med, følg med!

From Decibel Magazine "Ontario’s Biipiigwan is a quizzical beast of a band. From their moniker and line-up’s open-door policy to their sound and members being spread out across this humongous province of ours, questions pertaining to how, why, where and who usually abound when the band is the topic of conversation. The driving force behind this are-they-metal?-are-they-hardcore?-are-they-noise-rock?-are-they-sludge-doom?-just-what-the-hell-are-they? is bassist/vocalist/guitarist Musqwaunquot “Musky” Rice, who is the lone original member and organisational focal point when it comes to getting things together for the purposes of writing, recording, touring and all the usual band stuff. The band has just released their latest, Something for Everyone; Nothing for Anyone, a record loaded with coruscating riffs, hammer-hitting-skull drumming, one hell of a headache-inducing cover and oodles of thematic references to Rice’s native heritage. - See more at:"

"Coming straight from one of Finland's darkest and isolated place, Ravage Ritual is now ready to unleash "Soul Eater", their first full length album. Born in 2011, they quickly released a first demo, followed by an ep, "Revival", and a split with Teething, each one showing a stronger will to play the most radical hardcore, tinted with H8000's legacy of and Holy Terror metallic approach. But the others influences that can't be ignored on this record are the context and conditions behind it: written during fall and winter, those nine songs perfectly illustrate the dark, desperately cold and esoteric atmospheres that reign during this period, pushing this album further than the now classic black-hardcore game."

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