Bastard Grave (Sw) / Cryptic Brood (Germany) / Kvesta (Oslo)

Fredag, 16. desember 2016 - 20:00
December Dismemberment: death, black, and doom metal
Bastard Grave
SWEDEN and DEATH METAL are two words that share over 20 years of history between them. Ever since bands such as Morbid and Nihilist started emerging from the tombs of Stockholm in the late 80s, this country has continuously been pumping out raw, buzzsaw-sounding death metal bands. One such band is BASTARD GRAVE from Helsingborg. They are playing classic HM-2 driven dödsmetall in the vein of Bastard Priest, Entombed and Dismember. Their debut album, What Lies Beyond, was released last year and is as catchy and rocking as it is raw and rotting. If they’re only half as good live this is still going to be a treat. In other words, prepare yourself to enter the cold, dark tombs of Blitz for some necrotic, morbid, proper Swedish death metal!
Cryptic Brood
In December, when it’s cold, and when it’s dark, and you need something to channel the despair of the darkest and most distressing month here in Norway… you need CRYPTIC BROOD. This obscure trio from Wolfsburg play doom/death metal that will make you scratch your nails on the wall and scream out in deathly agony. Musical references include Autopsy, Winter and Bolt Thrower, but this doesn’t really cover everything either. Germany has definitely produced a lot of good underground death metal over the years, and this is no exception!
And what’s better to start our journey to the depths than some classic Norwegian black/thrash metal? KVESTA from Oslo/Trondheim will give you just that, with grim riffs, blasphemous lyrics and an evil presence. Their debut album, Ibex Arrival came out this year, and it rips! This is thrashing black metal as played by bands such as Aura Noir, Darkthrone and Nattefrost, and if you’re ready for hell, this is perfect for you.
DOORS 20:00
CC 60,- \\ 100,-


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