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Asocial//Makabert Fynd

Lørdag, 18. november 2017 - 20:00
100kr - under 20 years old 80kr

Asocial is an old Swedish kängpunk band from the early 80's., recently reformed. They have been playing a few shows since then and recorded new material (that one song I've heard is kicking ass..can't wait to hear the rest..I will post a link later when I find it)...and always play "Revolt" live :) ♥


Makabert Fynd is a newer band with members of not-so-new bands (not to mention old) like Dissekerad and the fabulous Totalitär...this is fast and full of energy Swedish hardcore punk at it's best...fun it's gonna be in the pit :)


Doors at 20:00
100kr / 80kr for under 20 years old
More info coming soon, in the meantime mark your calendars and spread the word! This is gonna be hell of a punk night!

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