The Analogs (PL)

Lørdag, 14. januar 2012 - 20:00
70 kr i døra

Maybe you thought that the partytime was over after the Bøyen Beng concert, but no, this saturday the party goes on with the legendary polish punkband the Analogs, the local heroes The Ødeleggers, and Delusive Oppulence, angry punks from the basements of Blitz.

The Analogs (Szczecin) have been playing oi/streetpunk for 17 years.They may be apolitical but they are strongly antifascist.They are a great live band and we can promise you a kickass show!!! And as we learned from No means No, old is the new young.

The Ødeleggers (Oslo/Flisa) are outstanding in their own genre, rølpepønk. Some of the bandmembers also play in bands like Eminent scum, Final Threnody, Seppuku Zephyr Dance and Politisk Opplegg. Be sure to tie your shoelaces so you don't dance your boots off.

Delusive Opulence (Oslo) crawled up from the basements of Blitz to play fast and angry hardcore pønk.

The doors open at 21.00
Entrance 70cc

Tell your friends and come!