Oslo Queer at Pride House!

Knytt til gruppe: 
<div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on"><div class="text_exposed_root text_exposed" id="id_4fdf1a501bc518e50906220">The weekend 23 and 24 june, is Pride House happening in Oslo for the second year in a row. A weekend of seminars, workshops, debates and discussions at Litteraturhuset in Oslo. Oslo Queer will be there as well with different topics and debates, join us there:<br /><br />Saturday 23<span class="text_exposed_hide">...</span><span class="text_exposed_show"> june:<br />Gender Bender workshop, 17.30, with action afterwards<br /><br />Sunday 24 june:<br />Sex, Quuer and Class politics, 14.00<br />Anti-racism in LGBT movement, 16.30<br />Powerstructures in sexwork industrie, 16.30<br /><br />There will be loads of other ineteresting topis there as well the whole weekend:<br />Forced Sterilization of transgenderd (saturday 15.00)<br />Pink washing and the Arabic revolution (saturday 17.30)<br />Polyamory (sunday 12.00) <br />Violence in same sex relationships (sunday 12.00)<br />Gender Queer parenting (sunday 18.30) <br /><br />Most will be in Norwegian, but might have some translation availible. See you there!!</span></div></div><div class="blogger-post-footer"><img width='1' height='1' src='https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/1635530032395535148-2219564381731758203?l=osloqueer.blogspot.com' alt='' /></div>