Intervju med Tubers

<div class="field field-type-text field-field-zine-art-body"> <div class="field-items"> <div class="field-item"> Why the name Tubers? Why this great interest in rooted vegetables? All band members have this interest and connection with growing and providing their own food to whatever little degree we can. We liked what the name suggested as far as the root and growing underground not to mention the reference that a tuber gets tubed in a wave or tube floating down a river- two pastimes we all take part in here in Florida. These Quantum Leaps are Killing Me by Tubers on Grooveshark You have told me "I often think of our vision of food in general which I feel animal rights is a very important part of". Tell us a little bit about your vision of food and the role animal rights plays in it. I only speak for myself in the band, but I do not consider anything from an animal as suitable food or sustenance for humans. First and foremost our food should provide nutrition which I believe we can get best from plants. It seems many people eat mostly for pleasure though at the expense of countless animals and barely even pay attention to the act or know what pain, resources, and subsequent health costs are spent for it. I definitely think enjoyment of food is very important too, but not the only focus. Biological and ethical questions need to be addressed also. 16 years of veganism so far. What got you into it? My friend Becky introduced me to these ideas of animal rights when I was 19 and it immediately made sense. I can't believe I lived that long without discovering these ideas sooner. As I learned more I became passionate about the health and environmental implications as well. You are a teacher, and have been actively involved in meals for pupils. Please tell us about that. Vegan meals? Ha, not even close to vegan meals. I teach intellectually disabled students age 7-10 at a public school so they eat either school lunch or parent sent lunch. Whenever I lead a baking activity it is always vegan though and I started an organic garden with my class and all 3rd grade classes last year. It continues this year-we just made vegan salads from the garden last week. One of you Tubers run a restaurant, tell us about it. Veggie? What do you recommend we order when we get there? Jeff is co-owner of The Floridian here in St. Augustine which is just over a year old. They focus on local foods buying as much as they can this way from local farmers and serve their take on southern food. It is wonderful. They have many vegan options and most on the menu can be made vegan. My favorite is the sweet potato dumplings with gravy, tofu, and salad. Please explain the song "We Dine on the Process". The song is mostly about the idea that we need energy from other places/things to survive but are more concerned with the addiction and recreation of eating, drinking, and consuming in general. It's a song about a lifestyle of diversion. Dine in on the Process by Tubers on Grooveshark What's your favorite animal rights related song? Citizen Fish's "Flesh and Blood". I love that whole "Free Souls. .." album. </div> </div> </div>