Intervju med PUNCH

<div class="field field-type-text field-field-zine-art-body"> <div class="field-items"> <div class="field-item">Fantastisk band. Fine folk. For dyrs frihet.&nbsp; &nbsp;What made you write the song &ldquo;Feminists Don't Have a Cow&rdquo;? A few years ago I had some interactions with an acquaintance who talked often of feminism and straight edge but was always very opposed to talking about veganism. &nbsp;I thought about how to relate to her about veganism in a way that she would be willing to listen to. &nbsp;I think maybe the song gets attention because of the name, which a band mate gave to the song as a joke, but it just stuck! How did you get into veganism?&nbsp; About ten years ago I almost suddenly came to the realization that the food I was eating was made of animals and that wasn&rsquo;t okay with me and quickly became a vegetarian. About a year later I started reading more about how animals are treated and decided that being vegetarian wasn&rsquo;t enough, and I made the transition to veganism. I think educating yourself about everything that goes into food production makes becoming/staying vegan very easy. How is feminism and veganism connected, in your opinion? I remember when I was reading about veganism the fact that really got to me was a fairly simple realization. It was that cows, just like humans, only produce milk when pregnant. I had never really thought about that fact before and once it was pointed out to me I really thought about the implications of that. As a feminist it is sickening to think of a creature being impregnated so that its offspring and the milk produced for that offspring can be taken from it. Have you made any other animal rights themed songs, with Punch or with your other bands?&nbsp; Punch has two other songs about animal rights/veganism. The first song I wrote about veganism, &lsquo;No such thing as a stupid question&rsquo; talks about the stupid questions we have all heard so many times from meat eaters about our dietary choices. I chose the name of the song to reflect that while the questions are ignorant, it is partly because the meat and milk industries rely on people staying ignorant. The second song I wrote about veganism is &lsquo;Convenience Store&rsquo;. It talks about all the terrible things that happen to animals for food production which the average consumer doesn&rsquo;t have to, and probably doesn&rsquo;t want to, think about. I think if people had to see what happens or even had to kill animals with their own two hands they would think more about their choices.&nbsp; What's your favorite animal rights/liberation related song? &lsquo;Cats and Dogs&rsquo;, Gorilla Biscuits.</div> </div> </div>