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<div class="field field-type-text field-field-zine-art-body"> <div class="field-items"> <div class="field-item">&lt;a href=""&gt;Animals by Bullshit Tradition&lt;/a&gt; ANIMALS. I can&rsquo;t forget their cries of misery. I wont forgive atrocities. When I look into their eyes all I feel is rage for the animals. Humanity should be ashamed for allowing this slavery continued unchallenged for so many years. No act of forgiveness can ever right this wrong. Agony felt for so fucking long. The animals are not our slaves. Adam og resten av Bullshit Tradition er ikke s&aring; optimistiske p&aring; menneskehetens vegne - men finner inspirasjon i en ensom sel, en katt ved navn Luna og Earth Crisis-l&aring;ter.&nbsp; In your animal rights rager &quot;Animals&quot; you sing: &quot;I can&rsquo;t forget their cries of misery&quot;. Tell us more, is this based on a personal experience, how did you hear these cries? That particular lyric isn't necessarily about one given experience I've had, it's more of an expression of grief about the horrors we put animals through to satisfy our selfish desires. When I was 18, my eyes opened to the hell animals raised for food and other products go through, and how wrong it is. After witnessing what goes into meat production and animal testing, I knew there was no going back to an omnivorous diet, and I suppose in that way, I 'can't forget their cries'. You are from Burlington. If we go there to eat vegan food some day, where should we go? One thing that Burlington, as a town that prides itself as being a very green and progressive city, is lacking is a good all vegan restaurant. A couple have existed, but they closed almost as quickly as they opened. However, there are quite a few places here that offer vegan options on their menu, and the places we go to a lot include Stone Soup on College St, and City Market, our local co-op, both of which offer a lot as far as options. Are you involved in any animal rights activities? I used to be heavily into animal rights demonstrations and outreach, but living in such a small town can easily frustrate a young budding activist, especially in a state so committed to archaic ideals about animals. I'd like to say I've never been disillusioned or jaded by activism, but unfortunately such is the case. I try to write letters and send money to political prisoners who have been jailed for direct action, because supporting them means directly supporting the animals and directly opposing the industries that mean to keep our current system in place. Most of what I do now is try to educate people through my music, and teaching by example. I have friends who are raising their children to be vegan and instilling in them the fact that animals have rights and lives of their own, and I think that will have a bigger impact on the world than by setting up a table with some informational pamphlets. Have you ever had any pets? What do you think about the pet industry? I currently am the guardian of an awesome lovable cat named Luna, and my family has kept pets throughout my entire life. While I don't agree with the industry of pets, that is, breeding and selling animals for profit, I will support rescues and shelters for trying to house and give love to abandoned and abused animals that are directly a result of the industry. Tell us your best story involving you and a personal encounter with a non-human animal. The first thing that springs to mind is this time a couple of friends and I were walking along the beach in eastern Massachusetts and we came upon a seal that was sunning itself, by itself, on the beach. Until that point I had never seen a seal in real life, only on television, and magazines. A couple people from the area were watching it with us and told us that this seal probably traveled hundreds of miles to be here. I didn't have a deep personal connection with the animal or anything like that, but it was still one of the most awe inspiring moments ever, to see this guy resting and sleeping after completing a several hundred mile journey, probably lost and lonely and missing his family, and comparing him to myself, thinking I would never be able to match up this seal's bravery or strength. A real eye opening, kick in the teeth, and beautiful moment thanks to this lone seal on a beach in Massachusetts. I'll always remember that, for sure. You sing: &quot;The animals are not our slaves&quot;. Have you read Marjorie Spiegel's &quot;The Dreaded Comparison&quot;? Do you see a link between slavery and animal oppression? I have not read that particular book (although I am going to seek it out now), but I think anyone that researches the subject even just a little bit can agree that the modern day treatment of animals almost everywhere can be regarded as slavery, from the factory farm to the laboratories to the circuses and zoos. And it is the easiest slavery to get people to agree to, because the slaves are not only non-human, but they can't voice their dissent in a language we can understand, and the public is shielded from the screams and brainwashed from birth to accept it. What's your favorite animal rights/liberation related song? The first song I heard that really got amped on being vegan was &quot;Deliverance&quot; by Earth Crisis, I think because it spoke to the part of me that had just been made aware of the animal industry and wanted blood. I was angry that this was allowed to go on, and so those lyrics really spoke to me at that time. I still love that song, but I think the Earth Crisis song &quot;Eden's Demise&quot; or &quot;New Ethic&quot; are more eloquent choices, haha. I personally think the two bands who have the best animal rights lyrics are Earth Crisis and Propagandhi. Propagandhi's lyrics to &quot;Nailing Descartes to the Wall&quot; and just about every song they do are just phenomenal and I hope to be as good at expressing myself as they are someday.</div> </div> </div>