Blitz 35 years birthday party 28/4-30/4

Greetings people of the earth!
As some of you might know, with the coming of 2017 it's been 35 YEARS since Blitz was officialy established back in 1982 and with that we are planning a MASSIVE BIRTHDAY PARTY and we would like to invite bands as well as voulenteers for a 3-day festival to get in touch!

The dates are 28/4 - 30/4, that is from the 28th to the 30th april for our american friends

BANDS: Please send a mail to with "Blitz Birthday" in the subject field if your band wants to play - no spotify or itunes links shit -

VOLUNTEERS: Please get in touch through facebook, the café or the infoshop if you know you are going to be in town and would like to work, have any ideas or would like to contribute in any other way!

We have some cool headliners and surprises coming up in the coming weeks so follow this space!

PS. Blitz' first general assembly 2017 is on Monday 9th - there will be talks about the birthday party then.

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